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Additional Services

Office & In-Home Options

Holistic Health & Fitness


Corporate Wellness Programs

Is your team losing motivation? Noticing communication challenges? Scientific research has shown movement practices benefit the productivity of any team. Shake up the routine and treat your staff to a dose of wellness.


Seshi Workshops & Seminars

Is working from home taking a toll? Need new strategies for managing life stress? Take a leap and help your team try something new! Seshi offers a variety of fun and refreshing experiences to over 600 companies. Browse my latest offerings.


In-Home Visits

Are you healing from surgery? Have a senior family member who can't leave home easily? As a Certified Nurse Assistant & Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, I'm trained in wound care and passive range of motion exercises to get you back on track.

Sport-Specific Training

Athletic Performance for Teams



Are shoulder or ankle injuries keeping you off the court? Need to increase your vertical jump? How you train on and off the court makes all the difference.

Basketball Game


Repetitive calf or hamstring strains taking you out of the game? Are shin splints or knee injuries something you want to avoid? Let's keep your body injury free. All season long.

Runner From Above

Track & Field

Need more leg power out of the blocks? Can't seem to heal that quad injury from last spring? Learn how to train hard and smart. Because every millisecond counts.

The Next Level

Athletic Performance for Individuals

Close Up Wall Climbing

Rock Climbing

Experiencing shoulder pain? Are finger tendon and ligament sprains keeping you off the wall? Stay strong and improve your stamina for every heel hook and hold.

Bikes on a Bridge


Have neck or back issues stopped you from riding? Is a chronic knee issue keeping you off the bike entirely? Let's get you back to climbing those hills again. Just for fun.

Waiting for a Wave


Back issues keeping you out of the water? Need more upper body strength to paddle out? Get back in your flow for the next big wave with a healthy, balanced body.

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