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Real Experiences, Significant Results

From my clients to you. They've worked with me, know what it takes, and continue to learn and grow. If you're serious and ready to commit to your lifelong health, let's talk.

Written Testimonials: Private Sessions

“I have worked with Melissa for over a year now and find her to be a fantastic instructor. Not only is Melissa an excellent teacher with a solid knowledge of pilates, body mechanics and anatomy, but her demeanor is so encouraging. As an older woman with lower back issues and some limitations, I’ve found that working with Melissa has made me physically stronger and empowered to feel that I am taking care of my health. Besides her mastery of the subject matter, she makes each session fun and unique. I always look forward to our time together and am grateful for the care she shows in her precise attention to my form and how my body is moving through the exercises. Working with Melissa definitely was a decision I’m glad I made as her sessions are now an important and integral part of my wellness routine.”

Patricia R.

"I can't say enough good things about Melissa. I'm in my early forties and have suffered from chronic back pain for the last fifteen years as well as more recent knee, hip, and shoulder problems. I've seen countless chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, even had surgery on my lower back, all with waning results. 
When I started seeing Melissa I was about six months out of surgery on my back and had severe knee and shoulder pain. Melissa was able to identify what seemed to be causing my problems and had me work on just the right muscles to get me on the road to recovery. In a very short time, my knee and shoulder pain were gone all the while building my body up. When I came to see her with some kind of pain she was able to get that on the right track and when I came in feeling good, she was able to give me a great workout. I walk taller and feel better then I ever have in my adult life. Melissa has so much knowledge and skill working with the body and a great personality to go with it all. You just don't run across people like her everyday."

Adam O.

“I’ve been working with Melissa for over a year and a half — and I have never felt better or stronger in my own body. When we started, I was still pretty new to Pilates and afraid to do movements that I thought would hurt my years-old back injury. Melissa gradually built up my muscle/body awareness through basic movements, then targeted strength work, and now full-body work. Nothing we did ever felt uncomfortable or “too soon.” Now I‘ve progressed to more intermediate Pilates and have more confidence and strength than ever before. It’s all because of Melissa’s thoughtfulness in crafting my exercise program, her eye toward safe and gradual development, and her constant encouragement. I am grateful to rely on her friendly guidance and deep body expertise, and recommend her to anyone looking to make real progress! My partner and I now call this effect: Body by Melissa.”

Nina Y.

Written Testimonials: Group Sessions

"Melissa is a superstar MAT & Pilates instructor!  She is well educated, knowledgeable and kind.  Thanks to Melissa, I am stronger and walk taller."

Marguerite P.

“I have been taking Pilates classes led by Melissa on a weekly basis for the past few months, and I love it! Melissa is a great teacher who is able to break down complex moves. She tracks your progress, and plans classes that are challenging but doable. Her classes have a nice flow to them, and include both vigorous exercises and restorative stretches. Melissa is an engaging teacher with great energy. Her classes are a lot of fun and fly by!”

Celia S.

"I met Melissa when she joined the staff of the Pilates studio I have gone to for years. Sometimes it is hard to ‘break in’ a new instructor, but from the first class I knew she was going to benefit me! She is very knowledgeable about the body and what it needs. I left every class more informed and stronger than when I came. Her bright personality made the classes enjoyable, even as we were challenged. Of all the instructors I have had, she is one of my very few favorites!"

Jennifer C.

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