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What I Offer

Private & Duet Sessions

Now offering in-person private & duet sessions in San Francisco and Oakland, CA. 

Not ready to meet in-person?

Book a virtual private or try a duet session.

Services: Welcome


Mat & Apparatus

STOTT PILATES is a modern approach to the original exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. The refined method includes current principles of exercise science and rehabilitation-making it one of the safest and most effective forms of low-impact exercise available.

Reformer Workout
Fitness Class

Personal Training

Free Weights & Machines

Keeping joint health and muscle integrity as top priorities, aerobic and weight training programs are designed to re-establish proper muscle function, improve cardiovascular health, develop your fitness and advance your performance. From every day tasks to your favorite hobbies.


Food & Choices

Food plays a vital role in supporting your inner and outer health. Learn what to eat, why some foods are better for you than others, and how to address behaviors that keep you from making the healthy choices you need to embody the lifestyle you want to have.

Healthy Woman
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Muscle Health Care

Injuries & Beyond

Health and fitness depends on the robustness of your interconnected muscular system. When your muscles have trouble moving you, joint and mobility issues can occur. Injury rehab will focus on correcting muscular imbalances so you can get back to what you love doing most.


Private Sessions

As an exercise professional, I do things differently. To begin, start here.

On the Phone

Step One: Contact me, 15 min

Let's chat and discuss your needs and initial questions. If what I do fits your needs and we both agree you're in the right place, we'll schedule a consultation. If not, let's connect you with someone who does. 

Yoga Class

Duet Sessions

Move safely and stay healthy with a friend, family or community member. 

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San Francisco, CA

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Virtual Studio

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Oakland, CA

Have a Team?

Additional Services Available

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