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Meet Melissa

Muscle Health & Exercise Specialist

Founder of Adapt Fitness

Who I Am

I'm not your average trainer. I'm an exercise professional.

I bring over 15 years of teaching, coaching, and rehabilitation experience to my practice. Starting in athletic training rooms and physical therapy clinics, I soon recognized that every body, whether athletic or elderly, is extremely unique and in need of a highly personalized exercise program. My passion for movement combined with my love of physics and biomechanics led me to a path of service and lifelong learning.


Education & Credentials

Humboldt State University

B.S. Kinesiology
Minor in Health Education
Minor in Psychology

Humboldt State University

Certificate in Exercise Nutrition


Mat & Apparatus
Level 1 Instructor

Exercise Professional Education

Muscle System Specialist      (In Progress)

American Council on Exercise

Personal Trainer

American Council on Exercise

Medical Exercise Specialist


Level 1 Coach

Level 2 Master Coach

Resistance Training Specialist

(In Progress)


Different From The Rest

I work with people of all ages, specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation, foot and spinal mechanics, and athletic performance training. My enthusiasm for health and wellness is driven by the success of my clients achieving their goals and improving their quality of life. With a systematic, hands-on approach to exercise, I aim to give my clients the tools they need to minimize risk of injury and to progress and maintain their physical health over time.

What I Offer

Understanding my role allows me to create your "roadmap" to better health. Let's address your needs and keep you moving so you can live your best life.

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"I came to Melissa a few years ago, limping and in terrible pain in the hip and low back areas after having been rear ended on the freeway and also after having suffered a fracture to a bone in my left foot. I had already exhausted my doctors' and physical therapists' assistance. With patience and a calm and confident demeanor, Melissa helped me to straighten up, to walk comfortably and to completely eliminate my pain. She continued to whip me into shape. Melissa continues to keep me flexible and pain free. Her skills in diagnosing what is wrong and knowing what to do about it are unsurpassed. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Bianca K.

“I have had the good fortune to have been working with Melissa for over a year now and have gained a lot of flexibility and strength as a result. She is great at explaining things and making sure I'm doing things correctly. She has also been very good at designing programs that address my limitations and help me move beyond them. She's knowledgeable, thoughtful, and a good communicator, and I highly recommend her.”

Art P.

“Having an active lifestyle, my first interactions with Melissa were often at the apex of an injury, in the midst of an impossible situation, twisted in immeasurable pain and defeated by immobility — an anthropomorphic “free bin” of  misc. used parts, really. Armed with an exceptional in-depth knowledge of the body, a dense and nuanced playbook for diagnosis & healing, all packaged in a triple-threat demeanor of curiosity, patience and thoroughness, Melissa has fast become a most indispensable resource for holistic injury prevention, maintenance and my repair.”

Anna T.

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